Rumi 3

Because of a fractured leg,
God bestows a wing;
likewise from the depth of the pit,
He opens a door of escape.
God said, “Don’t consider
whether you’re up a tree or in a hole:
consider Me, for I am the Key of the Way.”*

-Mathnawi III, 4808-9

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Ferris Wheel - Six Flags, New Jersey

Ferris Wheel – Six Flags, New Jersey


Source: The Pocket Rumi, edited by Kabir Helminski

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I saw this quote somewhere on Facebook yesterday. I can’t guarantee the authenticity of it, nor have I looked into it’s authenticity… but it’s a beautiful quote that is well written and well said.
I think it helped me to stay calm in the storm around me by realizing that what’s destined to be will happen so I should stop worrying about it. I should stop looking at the past too much and focus on the future and what’s ahead. All I can do is prepare for the best and worse case scenarios; but I should be ready. Always.

I like to be ready.