Moon, Squirrel, Halloween.

Was trying to come up with a cool name by meshing those three, but was unable too… Any suggestions?

The photos were all taken by the Nikon D5200.

The squirrel was eating some food on our deck a couple of months ago and my sister got that fabulous shot of it… Isn’t it the cutest? It lives in our neighborhood and I am obsessed and always amazed by it’s intelligence. We have yet to come up with a name for it…. Sandy, perhaps?

The moon was photographed on November 1,2014 at the Great Falls Park in Virginia.

The two superheroes are my younger sisters, who were Batman and Superman for Halloween!





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Back after a Break

I have broken my promise of frequent updates, as I have been absent from the blogging world for over 3-4 months now… Reason being that I was out of school and no longer had vast amounts of time to procrastinate on work and homework and papers and such.

Interesting, isn’t it? Also, I just was not inspired to write anything.

My summer vacations were very busy with work so I did not travel much and did not take many beautiful pictures to share with you all.

However, over Labor Day weekend (first weekend of September in the US) my family and I took a trip to Six Flags, New Jersey because we love amusement parks. We then proceeded to explore the town of Princeton and of course the famous Princeton University. (Photos will follow soon)

I also started my 3rd year of college (I think congratulations are in order) and I think this will be the most exciting of the 4 years because I am starting to get away from the generic courses and am able to take more IR / my interest related classes, which is FANTASTIC! I love my classes!

I wish I were traveling more so that I could share my experiences with you, but maybe in the future sometime.

For now, hopefully this is my comeback!

Until next time…

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The “L” Word

In my AP Language and Composition class in 12th grade, my teacher had us do various writing exercises.  Today, I was digging through old documents and found this particular piece where we were assigned to “imitate” another piece of writing.  I had chosen to imitate a portion of a speech by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.  So, here I am… sharing it with the world!

Without love in our life, we are nothing. Love is something that is unexplainable, unexpected, and uncertain.  It is an emotion that is naturally felt by every human being, one thing that we long for, but also one thing that we end up despising.  It is love that gives us a glimpse of the highs in life, and then gives us a peak into the lows.  It is love, the unexplainable feeling we get, that sometimes makes us blindly content.  Love is something that comes out of nowhere and shows us things we would normally disregard. Love makes us greatly appreciate what we do and do not have in life.

We have a give and take relationship with love.  We like to give love in many forms –we like to compliment, hug, send gifts– but we enjoy receiving it more.  This is where the balance goes askew.  As humans, we tend to like it when our lovers — whether it be our family, friends, or significant others — treat us in a superior manner.  And when we do not receive the affection we crave, we become uncertain of our relationships.  Love makes us feel many things, and in many ways.  But, if we all learn to let go of our high expectations from this euphoria-like emotion, we all may be happy.  If we decided to take what we get and give what we can, we can experience love at a much deeper level.  Don’t take feelings and people for granted, especially when associated with love.  Life is full of love, and love is essentially life. 





No individual or people can achieve anything without industry, suffering, and sacrifice. There are forces which may bully you, tyrannise [tyrannize] over you, and intimidate you, and you may even have to suffer. But it is by going through this crucible of fire–persecution which may be levelled [leveled] against you, tyranny that may be exercised, the threats and intimidations that may unnerve you–and it is by resisting, by overcoming, by facing these disadvantages [and] hardships, and by suffering and maintaining your true convictions and loyalty, that a nation will emerge worthy of its past glory and history, and will live to make the future history greater and more glorious not only of India but in the annals of the world.

Eighty millions of Musalmans [Muslims] in India have nothing to fear. They have their destiny in their hands, and as a well-knit, solid, organised [organized], united force can face any danger; and withstand any opposition to its united front and wishes. There is the magic power in your own hands. Take your vital decisions–they may be grave and momentous and far-reaching in their consequences. Think [a] hundred times before you take any decision, but once a decision is taken, stand by it as one man. Be true and loyal, and I feel confident that success is with you.

-Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Address to the All-India Muslim League, October 1937

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National Cherry Blossom Festival

This past Saturday, my best friend and I made a trip to downtown DC to see the Cherry Blossom Trees. We took the metro and didn’t realize that it was a Saturday and it was the day of the Cherry Blossom Parade– the platforms and trains were crowded! I have lived in the DC area for over a decade and have gone to see the cherry blossoms many times, but never have I seen a crowd this large! As we were walking around the Tidal Basin (where all the trees are planted near the Jefferson Memorial), we overheard conversations in so many different languages that we couldn’t count. Parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, couples… so many people from all over the world! Good thing that the sun has decided to show up in DC and the weather was ideal for an outing.

So, here are some pictures for those who have never been to DC during the time of the Festival (millions of people come every year!). These trees really are a beauty, thanks to the Japanese!

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4








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Thou Shalt Not Insult Chipotle

When I entered high school in 2008-2009, Chipotle had started to become a fad in NoVA. (NoVA is a popular nickname for Northern Virginia, which is in the DC Metropolitan area). All the cool, hip, and young people were eating out at Chipotle, the affordable and quick Mexican restaurant.

I am a very picky eater and I don’t like to try new things. I can’t stand when something leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I am always hesitant about eating out at restaurants; I am perfectly fine eating comfort foods at home made by my mother. So, I always heard people talking about Chipotle but had never really tried it.

That changed in 2011 when I had my first taste of Chipotle. This might have been one of the most important points in my life. My life changed after that. Seriously. Chipotle was life changing.

In 2011, I got my first job at Dulles Airport in Virginia. As a 17 year old, working at an airport earning at least $1.00-2.00 more than the average teenager was the best thing ever. Not to mention the job was fun and a constant learning experience. And, there was a Chipotle inside the airpot. And that Chipotle was THE spot for all my coworkers. Chipotle was what fueled a group of about 100 students working 8-hour shifts to provide customer service and assistance to the world. So, that is where I got my first taste of Chipotle. And I got addicted.

For $8.53, a teen on a budget could buy a rice bowl or burrito(full of whatever he/she may desire) and a drink that would keep him or her sustained for about 4 hours, sometimes longer.

For myself, it was perfect because I love: rice, beans, vegies, corn, sour cream, and guac. And spicy foods/sauces/salsas. Basically, some of my favorite foods were all put into own bowl and served to me. I loved it. Also, it was seemingly healthier than other fast foods.

I would argue that there is something in those Chipotle sauces that causes one to be addicted because if I don’t eat Chipotle at least once a week, it is a problem.

For the last 3+ years, I have consumed a bowl of Chipotle almost every week. It has become the Dulles Airport employees’ favorite restaurant, our sanctuary. We Love Chipotle. It’s our thing. It’s what connects us all to each other. It’s what we bond over. In fact, we go to Chipotle so much that the wonderful people who make our bowls and burritos know our “usual” and know exactly how much rice or steak we like. (Not to mention the quality of the Dulles Chipotle is much better than any other Chipotle I have had in America).

So, understandably, when someone I meet who doesn’t like Chipotle or likes to talk badly about Chipotle (especially Dulles Chipotle), it really upsets me. Hello?! How can you judge our Chipotle without even trying it? Sometimes, I feel people just hate on things because they want to be “different.” Well, guess what… it’s not cool.

Every time someone says something against Chipotle, I feel obliged to defend it; especially the Dulles Airport Chipotle.
That place has been feeding me and my fellow coworkers for over 3 years now– have some respect people!

Thou shalt not insult Chipotle. That could most definitely be a Dulles Airport commandment.

I recently resigned from my position at Dulles Airport. I will miss my airport family a lot, and needless to say, I will miss my Dulles Chipotle a lot too. I will no longer have the privilege of eating at one of the best quality Chipotle’s and that saddens me.

If you ever travel through Dulles Airport, make sure you try the Chipotle (they have breakfast, too — one of the only Chipotles in the world that serves breakfast!).

Camera: iPhone 4S



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Dear Shahid Afridi

Everyday a new video, photograph, quote, news piece, or meme circulates social media and becomes the “trending topic.” Recently, a video of Pakistani cricket star, Shahid Afridi, was made public and became the topic of discussion all over social media.

Shahid Afridi, whilst giving an interview on a Pakistani news media channel, made a comment about how the women of Peshawar, Pakistan (his home town) were better off cooking in the kitchen, instead of trying out for sports like women’s cricket. My first reaction: “He is such a jerk!” I was and am absolutely outraged that a man of his position would say something like that!

Shahid Afridi, sometimes known as “Lala” or “Boom Boom Afridi” is a an internationally renowned Pakistani cricketer. He has been playing cricket for Pakistan’s national team for over a decade and has been a favorite, especially amongst the youth, for his good looks and style of hitting 4’s and 6’s (4 point hits and 6 point hits) in a match…usually when the team is doing not-so-well. He comes in and makes the game look so easy, scores a bunch of points, restores peoples’ faith in their team and leads them to victory. Good for you Afridi, you make Pakistanis proud. You make Pakistani men, women, boys, and girls proud.

Shahid Afridi, a renowned international cricketer

I am writing this blog after being inspired by a post on a Pakistani news website, written by a Pakistani woman as a direct letter to Afridi. It is titled: “Why I Won’t Be Cheering For Shahid Afridi Anymore.” So, I need to vent out my feelings to Shahid Afridi and the world, therefore, I am doing the same thing–writing a letter to Afridi. (I hope that somehow, in someway, he reads it someday).


Dear Shahid Afridi,

You are the hero of Pakistan, the hero of cricket (the most popular sport in Pakistan). You bring joy to a nation that has a lot going on right now, a nation that is doing a lot of growing up right now. While I am very happy and proud that you help Pakistan win cricket matches, I think that you need to understand that with fame and heroism comes great responsibility. You become the face of the nation and you become the person young boys and girls look up to. You are the person the youth look up to. You are the new and current sensation.

Do you know how many young boys want to be a batsman or a bowler like you? Do you know how many boys want to have hair like yours? Do you know how many boys want to make their family and country proud like you do? Do you know how many boys want to be you?

Do you know what this means? This means that whatever you do, they will want to do. Whatever you encourage them to do and however you encourage them to think, they will want to do that and think in that way.

So, when you go on a TV channel for an interview and the anchor recounts, with extreme pride, that the girls of your hometown, Peshawar, are trying out for cricket and how everyone is so proud that women of Peshawar and Pakistan are entering the sports world (and that Pakistan is continuing to progress), you DO NOT snub him by declaring that “our women have good taste in their hands” and, thus, belong in and should remain in the kitchen.

Shahid Afridi, who are you to take the limelight away from the women of Peshawar and Pakistan? Who are YOU to declare that the women of Pakistan are better off in the kitchen of their homes? YOU, Shahid Afridi, have no right to speak of what a woman can and can not do. The women of Pakistan can decide themselves how they want to represent Pakistan. They can choose if they want to be a teacher, a doctor, a secretary, a politician, an engineer, an accountant, an entrepreneur, an actress, an author, an athlete, or stay home (and cook/clean/do the laundry, or do nothing at all).

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Jersey Shore

Today, another winter storm is approaching the Mid-Atlantic and even though I like snow because snow = bad road conditions = no school, I am ready for the summer!
Every time we have holidays, my family travels and explores the great United States of America. When I ask my parents to travel abroad, they always say “There’s so much to see within the US, why should we go abroad?”
All we need to do is pack our bags and hop in the typical American mini-van and get on the highway.
The continental US (and Alaska & Hawaii) is geographically diverse with beaches, deserts, lakes, the colder areas, the warmer areas, etc.

I was going through old photographs and I came across these photos taken with my iPhone on our Spring Break trip to Atlantic City (Jersey Shore), New Jersey in 2012.
Even though the water in the Atlantic was still cool and the weather wasn’t warm, just being at the beach was relaxing and comforting enough.
Atlantic City has it’s own feel about it and my family visits the beaches there often, every time trying a new hotel. (We basically travel for the hotels– it’s fun to try the amazing hotels in Atlantic City; the Trump Taj Mahal is my favorite!) On this particular trip we stayed at the Caesar’s and that hotel is a world of its own!

So, here are a few beach and boardwalk pictures for everyone who is about to be hit by a storm! Imagine you are at a beach somewhere, walking in the sand… not stuck inside in your home, with a feeling of being trapped.






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