Checking In: Starbucks, London, UK

London Underground

London Underground

Hi everyone, So yes, I am currently seated in a Starbucks (what else is new?) in one of the most beautiful cities in the world — London. I moved here exactly two months ago to study for a semester, and I am so ashamed of myself for not having published a single word about my trip thus far.

My mom has been pushing me to write again, so here it is Mama. I’m online.

Let’s start with first impressions… I experienced a huge culture shock when I arrived.  Coming from America (more specifically suburban America), everything seemed to be scaled down by 300%.  Small roads, small cars, small shops, small homes.  As bratty as it may sound, it’s true.  But thankfully, I am staying with family in the outskirts of the city i.e. it’s more like my hometown with bigger homes, quiet neighborhood, cute dogs, etc. Anyways, after about a month, I have now become accustomed to the mini-ness of everything in the city, and of course the mini-ness has its own charm.  Nothing beats having tea in a cutesy cafe in Central London, owned and by a sweet family and made especially for you.  Want to grab lunch? Have dietary restrictions? No problemo. London has foods from every part of the world that meet every picky-eater’s (like mine) needs.  Shawarma? Pad Thai? Kabob? Burgers? Tacos? Chips (aka Fries)? Fish? — they have it all, usually within a few miles’ radius, and more of than not, it’s HALAL. Guys, I have been in food heaven for the last two months.

Forget sightseeing (which I do oh-so-keenly and to the great disappointment of my dear friend, Maya, also in London), all I have been doing is checking out new foods I wouldn’t be able to try in America.  I have had my first ever Halal Nando’s — it’s worth it.  Also, had Halal KFC after about a year (last time was in Pakistan last December!)

London is probably the cutest, most historical, and diverse city! But you already knew that!

I have so many pictures that I took on my Nikon while my parents were still here; will be posting them shortly!

For now, I have to run to class…. yeah yeah, that’s what I’m really here for.  Forgot about the “study” in Study Abroad! Stay tuned for more :)



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