Back after a Break

I have broken my promise of frequent updates, as I have been absent from the blogging world for over 3-4 months now… Reason being that I was out of school and no longer had vast amounts of time to procrastinate on work and homework and papers and such.

Interesting, isn’t it? Also, I just was not inspired to write anything.

My summer vacations were very busy with work so I did not travel much and did not take many beautiful pictures to share with you all.

However, over Labor Day weekend (first weekend of September in the US) my family and I took a trip to Six Flags, New Jersey because we love amusement parks. We then proceeded to explore the town of Princeton and of course the famous Princeton University. (Photos will follow soon)

I also started my 3rd year of college (I think congratulations are in order) and I think this will be the most exciting of the 4 years because I am starting to get away from the generic courses and am able to take more IR / my interest related classes, which is FANTASTIC! I love my classes!

I wish I were traveling more so that I could share my experiences with you, but maybe in the future sometime.

For now, hopefully this is my comeback!

Until next time…

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