Pakistani Truck Art

One thing that defines Pakistani culture around the world is the Truck Art seen on Pakistani vehicles. Truck, rickshaw, van, and bus owners usually paint elaborate designs and decorate their vehicles in ways that express them. Some trucks have calligraphy, geometric shapes, patters, traditional art work, poetry, or jokes intricately designed on them. When I was visiting Pakistan a few months ago, I got to see and photograph some of the artwork on these vehicles, as well as captures some funny photographs. These photographs showcase the rich culture and creative side of Pakistan.

P.S. I heard sometimes the art work costs more than the vehicle itself and the owners have competitions amongst themselves for who has the best decorated vehicle! It is something they are extremely proud of!

Visit for a collection of pictures and information on Pakistani Truck Art culture.

Camera: Nikon D5200



Pakistani Truck Art 2014


Animals, like these cows, are often transported on these trucks. Pakistani Truck Art 2014.


A tractor on the field is also decorated with vibrant colors and designs. Pakistani Truck Art 2014


School boys ride on top of a public transportation Coach bus in Islamabad.


A man looks at my camera curiously as I try to snap a photograph from inside our car. The man is seated inside a passenger van that is also decorated elaborately. Pakistani Truck Art 2014.


The back of truck and a coach bus on our way to Islamabad. Trucks are usually expressive of their owners; some have pictures, designs, poetry, quotes, or funny jokes written for the amusement of the reader.


Pakistani Truck Art 2014.


A van/pick-up truck in Rawalpindi used to transport marble. Pakistani Truck Art 2014.

All photos shown were taken by me. All photos are the property of


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