National Cherry Blossom Festival

This past Saturday, my best friend and I made a trip to downtown DC to see the Cherry Blossom Trees. We took the metro and didn’t realize that it was a Saturday and it was the day of the Cherry Blossom Parade– the platforms and trains were crowded! I have lived in the DC area for over a decade and have gone to see the cherry blossoms many times, but never have I seen a crowd this large! As we were walking around the Tidal Basin (where all the trees are planted near the Jefferson Memorial), we overheard conversations in so many different languages that we couldn’t count. Parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, couples… so many people from all over the world! Good thing that the sun has decided to show up in DC and the weather was ideal for an outing.

So, here are some pictures for those who have never been to DC during the time of the Festival (millions of people come every year!). These trees really are a beauty, thanks to the Japanese!

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4








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One thought on “National Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Their blooming is certainly worth celebrating!

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