Thou Shalt Not Insult Chipotle

When I entered high school in 2008-2009, Chipotle had started to become a fad in NoVA. (NoVA is a popular nickname for Northern Virginia, which is in the DC Metropolitan area). All the cool, hip, and young people were eating out at Chipotle, the affordable and quick Mexican restaurant.

I am a very picky eater and I don’t like to try new things. I can’t stand when something leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I am always hesitant about eating out at restaurants; I am perfectly fine eating comfort foods at home made by my mother. So, I always heard people talking about Chipotle but had never really tried it.

That changed in 2011 when I had my first taste of Chipotle. This might have been one of the most important points in my life. My life changed after that. Seriously. Chipotle was life changing.

In 2011, I got my first job at Dulles Airport in Virginia. As a 17 year old, working at an airport earning at least $1.00-2.00 more than the average teenager was the best thing ever. Not to mention the job was fun and a constant learning experience. And, there was a Chipotle inside the airpot. And that Chipotle was THE spot for all my coworkers. Chipotle was what fueled a group of about 100 students working 8-hour shifts to provide customer service and assistance to the world. So, that is where I got my first taste of Chipotle. And I got addicted.

For $8.53, a teen on a budget could buy a rice bowl or burrito(full of whatever he/she may desire) and a drink that would keep him or her sustained for about 4 hours, sometimes longer.

For myself, it was perfect because I love: rice, beans, vegies, corn, sour cream, and guac. And spicy foods/sauces/salsas. Basically, some of my favorite foods were all put into own bowl and served to me. I loved it. Also, it was seemingly healthier than other fast foods.

I would argue that there is something in those Chipotle sauces that causes one to be addicted because if I don’t eat Chipotle at least once a week, it is a problem.

For the last 3+ years, I have consumed a bowl of Chipotle almost every week. It has become the Dulles Airport employees’ favorite restaurant, our sanctuary. We Love Chipotle. It’s our thing. It’s what connects us all to each other. It’s what we bond over. In fact, we go to Chipotle so much that the wonderful people who make our bowls and burritos know our “usual” and know exactly how much rice or steak we like. (Not to mention the quality of the Dulles Chipotle is much better than any other Chipotle I have had in America).

So, understandably, when someone I meet who doesn’t like Chipotle or likes to talk badly about Chipotle (especially Dulles Chipotle), it really upsets me. Hello?! How can you judge our Chipotle without even trying it? Sometimes, I feel people just hate on things because they want to be “different.” Well, guess what… it’s not cool.

Every time someone says something against Chipotle, I feel obliged to defend it; especially the Dulles Airport Chipotle.
That place has been feeding me and my fellow coworkers for over 3 years now– have some respect people!

Thou shalt not insult Chipotle. That could most definitely be a Dulles Airport commandment.

I recently resigned from my position at Dulles Airport. I will miss my airport family a lot, and needless to say, I will miss my Dulles Chipotle a lot too. I will no longer have the privilege of eating at one of the best quality Chipotle’s and that saddens me.

If you ever travel through Dulles Airport, make sure you try the Chipotle (they have breakfast, too — one of the only Chipotles in the world that serves breakfast!).

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