Rumi 2

Observe the qualities of expansion
and contraction
in the fingers of your hand:
surely after the closing of the fist comes
the opening.
If the fingers were always closed or
always open,
the owner would be crippled.
Your movement is governed by these
two qualities:
they are as necessary to you
as two wings are to a bird.

-Mathnawi III, 3762-66

Camera: Nikon D5200


Source: The Pocket Rumi, edited by Kabir Helminski

© 2013-2014
Click here for Copyright information. All photos shown were taken by me. All photos are the property of


One thought on “Rumi 2

  1. Gede Prama says:

    This is beautiful and you are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words and for such a wonderful response…:)

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