Jersey Shore

Today, another winter storm is approaching the Mid-Atlantic and even though I like snow because snow = bad road conditions = no school, I am ready for the summer!
Every time we have holidays, my family travels and explores the great United States of America. When I ask my parents to travel abroad, they always say “There’s so much to see within the US, why should we go abroad?”
All we need to do is pack our bags and hop in the typical American mini-van and get on the highway.
The continental US (and Alaska & Hawaii) is geographically diverse with beaches, deserts, lakes, the colder areas, the warmer areas, etc.

I was going through old photographs and I came across these photos taken with my iPhone on our Spring Break trip to Atlantic City (Jersey Shore), New Jersey in 2012.
Even though the water in the Atlantic was still cool and the weather wasn’t warm, just being at the beach was relaxing and comforting enough.
Atlantic City has it’s own feel about it and my family visits the beaches there often, every time trying a new hotel. (We basically travel for the hotels– it’s fun to try the amazing hotels in Atlantic City; the Trump Taj Mahal is my favorite!) On this particular trip we stayed at the Caesar’s and that hotel is a world of its own!

So, here are a few beach and boardwalk pictures for everyone who is about to be hit by a storm! Imagine you are at a beach somewhere, walking in the sand… not stuck inside in your home, with a feeling of being trapped.






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  1. Ahmed says:

    i love that :)

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