Blogging, Poetry, & Starbucks


I’m in one those moods when all I want to do is write. As much as I complain about writing research papers and essays, deep down I really enjoy it. It’s the inner geek in me who is constantly seeking knowledge and trying to do better than before.
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but until very recently (maybe junior or senior year of high school), I did not realize that mine was writing. I love to write. I love to write about myself, about current events, about historical events, etc.
For someone who is an immigrant to an English-speaking country, I actually never thought that I would ever be able to write as good as my native English-speaking peers. However, SATs, the AP exams, and my recent International Relations research class positively surprised me. I can literally sit down and write a 20 page paper in 8-10 hours and manage to get an A. I’m not trying to boast here (but I am), but I don’t know how it happens or why but I guess I am blessed.

Right now, I am sitting with a Grande sized White Chocolate Mocha that a friend recently got me addicted to and all I want to do is blog and write poems. In fact, for the latter part of my class this morning, that is what I was doing (sorry mom and dad!).

I got hooked on to poetry in 9th grade when we started reading Shakespeare in English class. I like Shakespeare – he’s hard to understand but he’s a deep and funny guy. I like the old English, it sounds much more poetic. I also really like Urdu poetry. And well, Rumi’s poetry trumps all. Rumi is like the epitome of an amazing writer and poet. Also, that is how got into Sufism.

My writing style is not perfect. I make grammatical errors and spelling errors and sometimes it gets confusing trying to convert my Urdu thoughts into English ones; but I enjoy free-write. And free-verse poetry.
I can appreciate the beauty of structured writing and poetry, but I personally don’t like all the constraints.

Writing is expression, thus it should be free.

I’ve been breaking writing and grammar rules for a while (such a rebel, I know), but I still somehow passed the English classes and once even got an essay published in a local county book. It was an “I Have a Dream” speech for Martin Luther King, Jr. day (5th grade).

Well, I better get to my Arabic homework that I have been putting off.
Look forward to some poems later on that I jot down today because “I was in the mood.”

Until then,


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