Back to Mesopotamia

Hello everyone,
January 29, 2014, 7:45PM Eastern USA Time.

It has been 9 days since I have returned home to the Good Ol’ US of A and the jet leg is slowly wearing off. Because I started school and work right after I came back (back to reality!), I have been unable to post the rest of my trip stories and photos. My apologies!
So I’m going to try to start getting back into the routine of regular blogging, but first I wanted to share this post that has been saved on my phone for days… I hope you like it and feel free to comment with your thoughts/correct me if any of my information is wrong…constructive criticism is welcome :)


Despite a delay at Doha airport and then a longer-than-usual flight path, I arrived back in the States on Monday, January 20th. The plane ride over this time was more scenic than the last. We flew over the Middle East, specifically Iraq, and the landscapes I saw from the plane were magnificent: mountains, deserts, flat lands, and rivers.

Because it was day time wherever we went, I could clearly see below me as we flew over what used to be Mesopotamia (that AP world history class did teach me something!). There was a river that was so big that it was visible from the height we were at (maybe 30,000+ feet?) and this river just did not seem to end. After a moment of putting two and two together, I realized it had to be either the Tigris or the Euphrates River.
After checking the airplane map, I found that my presumption was correct (yay)! We were indeed flying above Iraq and we were near the Euphrates.

Attached are aerial view photos from above the Middle East/Iraq/the Euphrates River.

If you recognize any of the landmarks or geographical areas in these photos please comment below and let me know.

Camera: iPhone 5




The above pictures are what I suppose to be the Euphrates River snaking around.



The above pictures are of the desert, mountains of sand (I believe?), and more mountains. I apologize for my illiteracy in geographical terms.


This picture above is of some flatlands in the same area. It was magnificent how one region was home to such a variety of landscapes.

All photos shown were taken by me. All photos are the property of


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