Intro to Sufism 101

You may have guessed by the name of my blog and the quote in the subheading that I am into something called Sufism.

Sufism is a branch of Islam and its followers worship Allah in a more mystic manner. I am not a Sufi by birth but something about the lifestyle of the Sufis is attractive to me.

Maybe it’s the way in which they are continuously seeking God? continuously remembering God? continuously pleasing God? or continuously worshiping God?
Maybe it’s that they are more spiritual?
Maybe it’s how they are free spirited?
Maybe it’s the way their leaders and intellectuals write, speak, and sing about loving God?


The Sufi way of worshipping is so intense that when they are in the worshipping state of mind, they seem to be lifted from this earth. It’s followers are sometimes known as malangs. They are so deeply immersed in their mystical way of worshipping that they are said to be in a trance. Imagine that… a trance! This trance is achieved by the derwish who performs a ritualistic dance in a court to the sound of Sufi music. The ceremony is very interesting to watch and put me in a trance too. I even got goosebumps. It was a beautiful experience.

“The sufis believe that they can experience something more complete.” -Idries Shah

I think I am attracted to Sufism because I believe that everyone has their own personal connection to a higher deity (if any). In Sufism, I find that I can worship God with the expressions that I find most appropriate. I can have a close personal connection with God regardless of how much I practice my religion.

It’s difficult for me to explain or put into words but I think find Sufism to be more free spirited and thus lean more towards this branch of Islam.

Religion is a complicated subject and everyone has their own level of faith. I have my faith and you have yours, and maybe you don’t have any at all. And that’s all perfectly fine and well!

So that was a little bit more about me on a personal level….
Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Intro to Sufism 101

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama :)

  2. ptero9 says:

    Although I have read and enjoyed Rumi’s poems for years, I am just now taking a closer look at Sufism. After reading Tom Cheetham’s book on the work of Henry Corbin, I find myself wanting to understand sufism.

    I too enjoy the emphasis that sufis have of direct experience of God. How can it be any other way? :)


    • MayZ says:

      Rumi is the reason I got into Sufism as well. His translated poetry is truly beautiful but I am trying to learn Farsi so I can read the original verses.
      I have not read that book but I will look into it; thank you for the suggestion!

      Keep following my blog because you will see lots of Rumi and Hafez and Sufism!

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