Taxila Museum

Day 4 (Jan 2, 2014): We took a trip to the Taxila Museum and archaeological site in Taxila, Pakistan. Taxila is about 45 minutes away from Rawalpindi.

The Taxila Museum is home to many Buddhist artifacts, statues, and sculptures and Taxila itself is one of the world’s largest archaeological sites. It was visited by Alexander the Great in 326 B.C. when the Hindu ruler of the time welcomed him. Three different civilizations ruled over Taxila including the Persian empire, the Greeks, and then the Buddhist. It is a popular tourist spot for foreigners and especially those who follow Buddhism.

The tour guide gave us a lot of information. (He claimed that the museum had the tooth of Buddha and 2500 year old wheat) We saw many gold and silver coins used during the Persian and Greek era as well as gold jewelry and ornaments. The artifacts ranged from every day use items to weapons to water purification systems used at that time. Most of the sculptures on showcase were built during the Greek era; unfortunately photography is not allowed so I was only able to take a handful of photos.

Camera: Nikon D5200







All photos shown were taken by me.  All photos are the property of


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