B&W: No Filter Needed

Day 2: Visited my great aunt in an area called Adayala. This is a place where my great grandmother used to live as well and a place I used to visit often as a child. Ever since she passed away, the house was sold, and the family moved away. My great aunt (my mom’s aunt), however, continues to reside there and visiting her house brought back many memories.

Much has changed in Adayala in 10 years… what was once a posh suburban community is now nothing less than a hustling and bustling town. My great grandmother was very dear to me and held a special in my heart. It was shocking for me to see that what was her house has now turned into a commercial property where a clothing market now stands…. Strange isn’t it? House converted to a bazaar?

Anyhow, my great aunt brought out many old photographs of her self, her mother (my great grandma), father, my grandmother, mother, etc and what a collection it was! A picture is worth a thousand words but no words can explain that bunch of photos I got to browse through.

It was interesting to note how all the adults (well, more like elderly) were once so young and — hip! Also, the fashion trends of back in the day are back in trend today. Also, the women of Pakistan were so liberal and modern.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that women of back then were very independent and bold looking…. and those women grew up to become to strong mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. They are empowered in their own way.

Here’s to the strong women, young and old, of Pakistan!




All photos shown were taken by me.  All photos are the property of wanderingderwish.wordpress.com.


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