Over the summer, my parents surprised my sisters and I by taking us to Cedar Point, Ohio for a second time. We had been coming back from a crazy tour of Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and Toronto when our parents took a detour to Sandusky! My sisters and I had absolutely no idea until signs for Cleveland, OH started popping up… hmm, why do we have to go through Cleveland to return to DC?
It was only a matter of moment until someone shouted, “Oh my God, are we going to Cedar Point?!”

I’m sharing this photograph because going on the Rip Cord has been the second most thrilling and adrenaline-full thing I have done in my life! (The first being riding the Dragster at Cedar Point).

Tonight, I am feeling a similar kind of adrenaline as I finalize my packing for a long awaited trip.

When I pulled the cord to let my self swing in open air, I felt like a bird. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be sitting in a plane and flying back home, just like a bird.




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